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About Rev. James: Besides holding a B.B.A. in Marketing, I hold a Bachelor’s in Metaphysics and Ministry from the Sedona University of Metaphysics. I am an Usui, Karuna, and Crystal Master Teacher. I am also a published author of: Crystal Grid Secrets, the book you have been searching for. Available for sale at www.crystalally.com. Other services that I offer and teach are: Chakra, Color Light Therapy, Sound Vibration Table, Chakra Bowl Therapy, Tuning Forks, Crystal Grids and Crystal Layouts.

I got started in crystals and mysticism through my father. My dad was a geologist, so I have always had a collection of stones. He didn’t have an interests in mysticism like I did, but he did have lots of mines he visited and always made sure to bring me a stone. I had minerals and crystals like schist, mica, Mexican opals, gypsum, etc. In my twenties, I began my study of vibrations and what crystals could do for us. They are here to assist us and help us grow – they are our allys!

Set them up and let them work while you play! http://www.jamesddillard.com

Set them up and let them work while you play! http://shop.crystalally.com

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