Swami Beyondananda

Crystal Source proudly presents: Swami Beyondananda! He is an amazingly funny and spiritual comedian!


Swami Beyondananda will be touring the USA this year. This venue has limited seating. You do not want to miss out on this great event!


Tickets can be purchased online for $20.00 in advance or $25.00 at the door.

I am blessed, and here's how I know it. I spend my time making people laugh and getting paid for it. Please paypal : jamesdillard2004@yahoo.com for advance tickets at 20 dollars. We are only taking 40 people. YOU MUST RSVP. You may pay 25 at the door if you have called the store and RSVP 817.280.9303


Going for the jocular is my heart's desire, and every time I'm in front of folks – from an audience of one to an audience of 1,000 – and people laugh, I feel fulfilled. It's particularly gratifying when the laughter is whole-hearted, where there is an "aha" in the wake of the "ha-ha" — because hearty laughter takes us out of our heads and puts us into our hearts.

Humor that is truly transformational uses the mind to trick the mind into giving up resistance, and as we dissolve into a puddle of laughter, we surrender to love. As Swami says, "Life is a joke, but God is laughing with us, not at us." And if God is laughing lovingly, who are we to resist?


We look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at the Crystal Source…~~Rev. James and Joan Dillard. ~~Namaste'~~

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