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Sandy Winnette

Sandy Winnette  http://www.thespiritualgarden.com/

Psychic Wellness Coach and Chaplain

Garland Community College. Speaker at a paranormal Dissociative Disorder Groups.

Eastfield College Class Presentation. Psychometry.

Instructor: The Learning Annex in Dallas, Adult Education: Class Title: Know Your Aura

Fun Ed Learning Center in Dallas, Adult Education: Change Your Mind, Self-Help Hypnosis, Past Life, Tarot, Building Self Esteem and more.

More About The Learning Annex And Other Classes

I was the instructor for the original Learning Annex in Dallas. This class opened the door for me and very soon I also became an instructor for Fun Ed Learning Center. I worked with Fun Ed as an instructor for sixteen years. I was one of the top rated instructors with best reviews out of 200 plus instructors teaching four plus classes each month. This placed me in the spotlight of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  My first class with Fun Ed Learning Center was Tarot followed by additional classes in hypnosis, self hypnosis for Self-Esteem and Past Life. Teri Mahaney, ph.D. wrote a best seller book titled: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. Teri ask me to teach a class based on her book and I agreed because it tied into everything I had been teaching.  See the ad description below in the Fun Ed Learning Center Magazine.

More internet psychic companies entered this amazing new wave of business. Fun Ed closed after a long run. I went to work with the first internet psychic line. I have worked with top companies. The industry exploded with psychic lines that changed the face of the word “Psychic”. Today we can speak with people from around the world on our IPhone and my teachings from classes are now here on this site classrooms and phone lines.

I worked for several internet phone lines over the years and love them all. Psychic Friends

Celebrity Psychics

Psychic Power

California Psychics

Psychic Fairs: I worked the Dallas Psychic Fair 25 years before leaving and working full time on phone lines. I worked the Richard Psychic Fair with John Catching many years before his passing. During these times I also did house parties and events everywhere. Hypnosis is a big part of my career. Business and professional people contacted me for both readings and personal self -help tapes.

Present: The Crystal Source is a local crystal shop in Hurst, Texas that holds small psychic fairs and I am one of the instructors, teaching tarot.
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Sandy Winnette


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