OM SKIP MILLER July 26, 2015

Hello All ~~ We are very Blessed to Host Skip Miller to our Oneness community on Sunday July 26th 2-5pm for a Wonderful Oneness talk and Oneness Meditation ~~ Mark your calendars for this very Blessed Event ~~ The Oneness Meditation is an open eye Meditation, a very Powerful transmission of Divine Energies that flows through the eyes of the meditator. This very Sacred Blessing helps to Awaken the spiritual energies within and creates a neurobiological shift that naturally accelerates the Awakening process. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS AMAZING SHIFT IN HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS !!!! Cost$35 (no body will be turned away)

Oneness Talk and Oneness Meditation

Sunday, July 26, 2-5pm Crystal Source

441 W. Bedford-Euless Rd.

Hurst, TX 76053


Skip Miller was born and raised in California. In 1971, at the age of 18 Skip was introduced to a Catholic Mystic who became his friend and spiritual teacher.

Skip was a student of hers until 2001 when his teacher passed on. Continuing on as student of spirituality, grace brought him to the Oneness Phenomenon!! in 2007. Skip has since traveled to India many times to learn from Sri Amma Bhagavan. Skip is a Oneness Meditator & Sacred Chambers Facilitator and travels all over the US I Canada I Japan I Mexico to give the OM in person to Oneness groups.

DFW Oneness Community Event

$35 donation (No one turned away)

There are three powerful intentions that naturally occur in this OM transmission:

It strengthens your relationship with the Divine. It brings freedom from the chattering mind. The Authentic YOU begins to shine and YOU become Present in the moment.

This Blissful state can be quite contagious; many who experience the OM find themselves bursting into laughter or even tears of joy and gratitude. Please know that all of these expressions are quite normal and expected when strong energies begin to flow in a room.

Invite your friends and family to experience profound peace, through the stillness of the mind and profound love through the flowering of the heart! This is a Celebration of Divine Magnitude!!

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