Peruvian Whistle Concert Details

Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse, and New Moon, Sun Enters Aries March 20 at 7pm Peruvian Concert!!!!


As you participate in this group sound healing experience and gently blow air into your vessel simultaneously with all 8 sounding together, they produce pitched psychoacoustic tones which activate specific lobes of the brain connecting the higher 6th and the 7th chakra and higher spiritual energies.


“The sounding was intensely spiritual high way beyond this dimension”

“My entire skull gradually turned into crystal”

“I was the silver surfer on universal solar winds”

“Simply the most amazing experience ever for anyone on a higher spiritual path.”

Peruvian Whistling Vessels

Share an Aquarian New Year Experience through True Universal Instruments

For over two thousand years, different cultures in Peru produced sound vessels which were psychoacoustically tuned. These instruments produce vibrations that induce an expanded state of higher spiritual consciousness different from anything known or experienced even today. Stories passed down for millennium of an intelligence of far advanced spiritual cultures bringing these vessels to Earth. The Shamans stopped producing their vessels when conquistadors entered their land. They did not share the vessel experience with the invaders. For hundreds of years the vessels have remained silent, waiting for this point in history to reawaken. Made from molds from the original ancient Peruvian Whistling vessels which are on display in Peru Museums. Made with prayers and intensions added to the vessel clay to create a 5th dimensional spiritual energy like non-other known on earth and can only be envisioned as an astral pathway flowing into spiritual ascension.

These spiritual energies have been collected and added to the vessel clay;

•Water from the Mississippi River

•Water from the Boundary Water of Northern Minnesota

• Water from the Atlantic Ocean

•Water from the Pacific Ocean

•Crystal, stone, shell, coral and rock elixir [containing spectrolite, malachite, lazurite, lepedolite, septarian, dunga from Himalayas, clear quartz singing crystals, sodalight, amethyst, coral (Belize), stones from Great Lakes, hematite, stones & agates (Lake Superior), bloodstone, turquoise, self healing crystals, clear quartz crystals, azurite, fluorite (numerous), petrified wood, rutilated quartz, ruby, Tibetan singing crystals, peridot, tiger eye, sea shells, moldavite, geodes (several), snowflake obsidian shadow quartz crystals, healing crystals]

• Water from the Mounds in St. Paul – a special cave

•Earth, feathers, bark, beaver woodchips, bone from eye, ear and jaw bones or sockets of a deer from Spirit Island in Minneapolis (also rabbit presence)

•Shells, sand, bark and Blue Heron Feather from Pike Island

•Pipestone dust from sacred site for quarrying stone used for Native Pipe ceremonies

•Golden Eagle feather

•Red Tail Hawk feather

•Falcon feather

•Black wolf and Timber wolf hair


•Horned Owl feather

•Turtle shell

•Raven feather

•White pine, red cedar, white cedar, MN sage, ‘red’ willow, tobacco

•Green dolomite & mudstone from Wakon Tipi

• Ely greenstone

•Energy of a gold double spiral

•Stones & crystals from Uranus/Neptune ceremonies: citrine, quartz, beryl (emerald, aqua marine & gold), rose quartz, amethyst, chalopyrite crystal

• Monarch Butterfly, red-tailed hawk, Eastern wild turkey

• Water from Lourdes, France

•Vibhuti which was manifested directly from Satya Sai Baba

•Vibhuti which was manifested in a silver tray beneath a photograph of Satya Sai Baba

•Earth blessed by spiritual leaders of different world religions in which a tree was planted at the United Nations.

•Earth from a 7000 year old ceremonial cave

•Earth from El Santuario Church at Chimayo, New Mexico

• Earth from a sacred location in Israel

•Ashes from sacred fires of many Indigenous People

•Lotus flower oil

•Sand from the great pyramid, Saqqara, sphynx

•Water from Palenque (Queen’s Bath) in Mexico

•Earth from Mexico Chichen Itza, Huehue Community, Tepoztlan, Palenque & Chiehen Itza

•Peruvian earth from Machu Picchu, Kenka, Island of Sun (Titicaca)

•Bolivian earth from Tiohuanaco

•Hopi pottery

•Earth from Chaco Canyon, Easter Island, & Eliqui Valley in Chile

•Frankincense, Myrrh, Lepidotite, Amber, Chrysoprase, Peach, Copper, Rose, Iris

•Crystal charged from Lazaris

•Sand from a Wheel of Life Mandala created by a Tibetan monk

•Satya Sai Baba Water

•Water from “Gracie Oliver’s Beach”

•Jade and Rose Quartz personally healing to many individuals

• Tibetan Prayer Flags · Tibetan Prayer Beads

•Findhorn soil collected in October of 1984

•Water from the Chalice well in England

•Bimine Sea water

•Ollaytaytambo/Valley of Incas sacred well, possibly Lemurian water

•Essences of Bear Skull, Bear Claw, Eagle Feather, Mugwort…in Mt. Shasta spring water.

•Tambo Machay/Cuzco Peru water from sacred well in Andean Mts. Collected in 1985

•Water from Waikapalue West Cave, Kuaui

•”Lourdes Water”

•Water from sacred pools in Maui

•Sacred Ash from Guru M.


•Water from Hawaii – Ioa Neddle

•Water from the Nile River

•Owl feathers

•Sacred Blue Corn

•Energies present in a crystal from John of God in Brasil.

•Essences of Jade, Moldavite, California Sage, and Mugwort

•Hair/fur from the White Buffalo

•Ancient Anasazi pottery shards

•Amythyst, Lime Quartz, Rose Quartz & Chrysocolla powdered mixture

•Water from the Ganges River

•Orgone energy infused by Orgone Energy Beamers

*Sacred ground white corn is thrown over every set of vessels that are removed from the kiln.



“The experience of the vessels is a profound and beautiful experience. The irony is that there are no analogies to this experience except to say that it is clearly an expanded state experience induced through sound. That’s why it’s such a tremendously difficult thing to convey even an idea about what this new experience is. A complete stranger could walk in here, having heard nothing about the vessels, sit down and blow the vessels, and he or she would experience the profound expanded state the vessels induce. But there would be no way we could effectively, verbally communicate to them what the experience would be, it has to be experienced.” (From the interview)

(This interview was conducted August 27th, 1995 at La Selva Beach, California.)

Clearing and Healing Session with Peruvian Whistling Vessels & Buffalo Drum with crystal bowls ; Sacred Gifts from Peru-Friday, 3/20/2015 On the eve of the New moon, solar eclipse, and Spring Equinox, join this sacred clearing and healing session for ourselves and Mother Earth. 7-9pm. $40. RSVP requested as this session may fill. Joined with crystal bowls and a buffalo skin drum! RSVP: Rev Scott    602-626-0220 Leave voice mail for return calls please.