The Twintreess GDV Sessions

GDV Sessions

The GDV machine is a Russian technology that is a massive evolvement of the original Kirlian camera technology.  It is actually a video camera that takes multiple pictures per second of the light energy field emitting from each of our ten fingertips combined.  The computer program then gives us a visual read-out of our Chakras, our right/left brain and meridian balance, our health and energy status, and our organ status.  This is NOT a diagnostic program and we simply use it as a wonderful and magical tool to enhance our already ongoing conversation with our Spirit family, the Elementals and your own body, as you give us your respectful permission to support.


The options we are offering for your one hour session can include:

1.)    A base scan to determine your initial state of beingness.

2.)    After determining an issue to be dealt with, a following scan with an added Stonebeing for support to see/feel its immediate effects.

3.)    We can also, after the base scan, add one of your favorite Stones or Crystals to your energy field so you can see the effects it has on your being.

4.)    We can also, after the base scan, add something to your energy field (simply by holding it in your hand) that you have a question about how it affects you (including food substances, etc).

It is recommended if possible to not eat for about 1 and ½ hours before your scan and also to not ingest coffee/caffeine/pop, etc. beforehand. 

It is also helpful to not have any lotion or oil on your hands/fingertips as that will inhibit the cameras ability to take scans.  And please remove stones from your pocket and any jewelry that you can, so that you can clearly and easily honor your true current state of vitality.