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GDV Sessions

The GDV machine is a Russian technology that is a massive evolvement of the original Kirlian camera technology.  It is actually a video camera that takes multiple pictures per second of the light energy field emitting from each of our ten fingertips combined.  The computer program then gives us a visual read-out of our Chakras, our right/left brain and meridian balance, our health and energy status, and our organ status.  This is NOT a diagnostic program and we simply use it as a wonderful and magical tool to enhance our already ongoing conversation with our Spirit family, the Elementals and your own body, as you give us your respectful permission to support.


The options we are offering for your one hour session can include:

1.)  A base scan to determine your initial state of beingness.

2.)  After determining an issue to be dealt with, a following scan with an added Stonebeing for support to see/feel its immediate effects.

3.)  We can also, after the base scan, add one of your favorite Stones or Crystals to your energy field so you can see the effects it has on your being.

4.)  We can also, after the base scan, add something to your energy field (simply by holding it in your hand) that you have a question about how it affects you (including food substances, etc).

It is recommended if possible to not eat for about 1 and ½ hours before your scan and please refrain from coffee/caffeine/pop, etc. beforehand. 

It is also helpful to not have any lotion or oil on your hands/fingertips as that will inhibit the cameras ability to take scans.  And please remove stones from your pocket and any jewelry that you can, so that you can clearly and easily honor your true current state of vitality.


Thank you!  We appreciate being a part of your journey in talking and listening with all parts of your being in unconditional acceptance.



as you wish~

This is the most amazing time for humans on the Earth Mother, ever.  We are living and breathing in the biggest transformation— overnight evolution— that our species has ever been invited to join.

No wonder everybody wants a reading right now!

When any of us is challenged more than we know how to “handle,” immediately life and Spirit generously provide us more resources than ever previously imagined possible. ‘s That’s how it works.  All the time.  Thankfully! 

We are here, now (literally), to offer the most potent, the most practical, the most timely, and the most unconditionally supportive readings/listenings/consultations/ and GDV  that we can give.  Our Spirits directly asked us to offer them this way.  If this speaks to you, let’s do it!~


  1. Elemental Birth Imprints–  imprint our bodies for this entire lifetime at the absolute, last moment that we are in our mother’s womb before birth. Since the Elementals are ever dancing in some constantly changing, perfect combination to make all form, they leave us with that our own, unique imprint, like: Water/Fire; Earth/Air; Fire/Fire, etc.Why is this crucial for us to know now? Because when we are in utero, we are still beings of union. The moment we leave the womb, we differentiate— we seemingly separate from our mother, Spirit, and true awareness. When we know what our EBI is, we immediately and kinesthetically return to our true core of union: We know it, we feel it, and we can now respond from it in all things, in all moments (instead of reacting from misery-causing, unnecessary separation.). When you give us permission to present you with your EBI, we do not intuit this. We hear our Spiritgrandmother whisper it to us along with some things that make your EBI unique to you and your perfect healing, so that you can immediately apply your Elemental Birth Imprint to everything— to all your questions.

  2. An EBI happens when the Devic Spirits of the elements that make up ALL life/form/events on the Earth— Earth; Fire; Water; Air; and Ethers

  3. These are the most popular readings we do, likely because no one else, anywhere, seems to be offering them.

You are utterly empowered.  It is also completely practical.  In a very short amount of time, you will know enough about the Elementals that you can (and will) apply your pre-personality self and unlimited gifts/resources to every moment and possibility and challenge.   We know, because we do this every day.   Everyone in our office does this.  It utterly supports us to work together providing the most timely, glorious tools and services that our Spirits urge us to co-create Now.

And if you want even more happy support with that, we have a book that easily, immediately references the foundation of the EBI’s, called, “Elemental Birth Imprints,” available for sale, in a heartbeat.

  1. Body Scans (AKA Super Hero! Body Scans)

  2. It is not intrusive, only supportive. And you can ask questions about anything respectful you choose. Of course.

  3. Simple. Easy. Once you grab this succinct information (and you take the Body Scan form with you for reference), you empower yourself to heal as you truly wish right now. You will be given immediate steps to take care of yourself. For instance, one person got homework to alter her meditation so that she looked up at a slight angle (even if her eyes were shut) at that time, so that her brain would more readily access alpha brain wave states— helping her to spontaneously reach more creativity, clarity and calm.

  4. Again, our Spirits gave us this reading to offer you right now. We will listen with your body and it will tell us whatever things it wants to get more attention on in all of your physical/emotional/mental/psychic-etheric parts/bodies. It pinpoints your true priorities, on the surface and below the surface (according to what you are ready and willing to integrate).

  5. Aura Drawings

  6. Okay, we’re NOT artists in that pretty, “artistic” way (which you will see for yourself!); however that’s not the point. We draw your living, breathing aura as it actually presents itself, instead of being limited to the programming of machines or technology. Our aura portraits come from seeing your aura as it is moving and talking to us and they’re all very lively and 3D AND multidimensional.

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